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IBM Mobile Push Notification offers APIs that will allow you to integrate mobile push messages within your existing applications. Functions that we offer through our console can be accessed through our APIs. Need help with our APIs? Read our FAQ.

Public APIs 

If you are using our 2.x series SDKs within your application, you will use the 2.x version of the APIs, with the exception of the Notification Configuration API which works with both the 1.x and 2.x series APIs.

IBM Mobile Push Notification APIs

Registration & Events APIs

Data APIs

Non-Public APIs 

We have several non-public APIs available for our premium/enterprise customers. Contact your Service Delivery Manager to sign up for these services:

  • Event Callback API:  
    • IBM Mobile Push Notification will post defined app events to a URI of your choice in real-time, such as clicks, views and geo-location updates
  • Data Export API/sFTP:
    • User-level (XID) campaign/app events, geo-location, and other meta-data