The documentation on this site is no longer being updated. For the latest product documentation, go to IBM Knowledge Center.
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We have created implementation guides for each SDK offered. Find below links to our guides and a general overview of the SDK integration process.

Getting Started

Advanced Integration

Integration Overview

Follow these general steps below to integrate the IBM Mobile Push Notification code within your application and to start sending push and geo-push notifications.

  1. Download the code for AndroidiOS and BlackBerry.

  2. Register with IBM Mobile Push Notification.

  3. Create your application key.
    Click here to create your key.  You can create two types of key: testing and production.
  4. Integrate the IBM Mobile Push Notification code within your application.
    To learn how, check our implementation guides for AndroidiOS and BlackBerry.
  5. Test your implementation.
    After your application is installed on the testing device, go to the Test Implementation tab to see that the device was registered properly and send a test notification. It may take a few minutes for the device registration to complete.
  6. Create and send notifications.
    There are three ways to create and send notifications: using our Notification Manager, our Push Notification API, or our Notification Configuration API.  If you would like to use Notification Manager, click here to learn how.
  7. Monitor and analyze your notifications.
    You can monitor and analyze the performance of your notifications with our analytics tools.